Saturday, May 29, 2010

My kind of artwork

So I decided to post a few images of my favorite pieces of "art" that I've done over the years that is currently in my portfolio. I used all of these to be accepted into my design sequence in school. I love to create art, and I find it hard to do when I'm not actually taking an art class. I would love to have more free time to work on paintings, drawings, pottery, woodworking, etc. but with studio and two jobs its hard. I am hoping when I'm out of school, and have a "real job" I can do more things on weekends for myself. This first picture I have is of a project I did in my 2D art class in college. It's an image of a very iconic chair. I had to recreate it in the six different ways shown here, and with six different types of media. First is a realistic interpretation in graphite, then an outline in ink, then monochromatic with colored pencil, next is complimentary in oil pastels, then representational colors in color-aid, and finally true colors in acrylic paint. This is one of my favorite projects. I love taking one object and breaking it down into different things.

This next image is of a still life I did. We had to bring in our own personal items to create our own unique still life set ups. I chose to bring in my favorite handbag, a heel, 2 old records, some spools of thread, buttons, a bottle of ink, my head phones, and a candle. This gave me plenty to work with and lots of different textures to try and recreate. It is one of my favorite still life's I have done so far.

This piece is a recreation of a Lucien Freud
painting. I did it in chalk pastels, so I could really get a lot of good blending going on like the original oil painting. If you are familiar with Lucien Freud's paintings, hopefully you can see the similarities. haha. I know I didn't do him justice, but I am pretty pleased with how this came out.

So what do you think? I need to take a lot more pictures of other projects I have done. I will post more soon! And of course once my summer semester starts I will be updating all the time with what I am working on.

Megan A. Todd

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