Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hello fellow bloggers! So I have realized that I haven't really explained what I would like to accomplish with this blog... I really appreciate this opportunity to speak about the things that I am passionate about, and write about my experiences while still in school. Not only will it be a record of what I have done and where I have been in this point in my life, but it will allow me to get feedback from all different opinions. So, to start off, I am an interior design major at the University of Missouri in Columbia, MO. I have taken two "design studios" and have been very successful in all of my projects. I love starting new projects, and coming up with unique concepts. I definitely know now that this is the career that I will enjoy doing the rest of my life, and I will work hard to make sure that happens.

Now that the spring semester is over, and I am on my "summer break", I only have about a week and a half left before the summer semester starts up. I am going to be taking my third design studio (along with another finance class I need before I graduate). I know from former students that this is the most intense studio (besides my capstone course), yet one of the most rewarding of their college careers. I am excited about this studio, but also very nervous. Not only is it going to be challenging, but I also have the post surgery problems to deal with. I really hope that this is the last time I will have to deal with this surgery. Third times a charm right? But enough about that...

Another thing that I would like to write about is my passion for furniture. Obviously an interior design major would love furniture, but I pride myself in being able to design AND build attractive furniture. Since I was a little girl I have been immersed in woodworking, drafting, all types of art, and much more from my father. He has been a huge influence on my career choice, since he is a draftsman and loves to do woodworking in his spare time. One of my first memories is that of my dad building something in his workshop. Since being in college I have taken furniture design classes, and those have been some of the best stress relieving classes ever. I want to incorporate those skills I have into my designs when I am out in the real world and have my license. I feel like that is something that a lot of interior designers don't have and would be a huge asset. There is so much I have in store for this blog, and I can't wait to share it all!

Thats all for now...

Megan A. Todd


  1. Welcome to's a lot of fun...oh and plenty of work too!!!

  2. Hi! I hope to see more of your designs. Nice to be here :-)