Sunday, June 27, 2010

ugh... SO BUSY!!!

I can't believe how busy I am this summer. It is pretty ridiculous. Remind me to never take two classes, work two jobs, fix up a house, move, and finish up furniture projects all in 2 months. lol I must have been crazy taking all of this on. O well, it has to get done, and I gotta suck it up! So as far as my studio project goes, I feel like I'm a bit behind... I am going to work on it all night tonight though. Hopefully I have everything done for what my professor wants on Monday. I also wanted to try and go by the house we're moving into in less than a month, and put in the panels I reupholstered on the record cabinet/entertainment center. I also bought this adorable little cabinet from the Antique store I work at, and I'm going to do a little sprucing up on it. I haven't decided if it will be my night stand, or my tv stand yet, but either way it is awesome! I absolutely love restoring old furniture, and bringing things back to life. Many of the items in my house are repurposed or upcycled. There is just a lot of charm in older pieces of furniture in my opinion. Most furniture today from walmart or target is just garbage, and I try and stay away from the particle board crap. It may be cheap now, but it will be thrown out in a year or two... That's my spiel on that... lol Back to work... Hopefully I will be able to update this holiday weekend...

Megan A. Tood

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  1. ah i hope life has calmed down a bit for you... that reminds me of the last year of my degree :)